《NEWS》UVC LED ultraviolet light effectively eliminates the new coronavirus within 30 seconds

19 Apr / 2022

Eliminate Virus Infections with UVC LED Lights

The new crown pneumonia epidemic has continued for the third year, and research on various virus eradication has also continued. In the early days, UV lamps were used. With the development of semiconductor technology in the coming years, UV LED lamps have gradually expanded. Prove that UVC LED has the same sterilization effect.
According to the experiment of the University of Toronto research team, the radiation-resistant bacterial spores were initially irradiated with UVC LED ultraviolet light, and the growth of these radiation-resistant bacterial spores decreased by 99% within 20 seconds of successfully passing the sterilization experiment. Experiments have shown that UVC LEDs can destroy the spores of difficult radiation-resistant bacteria, which should be easier to destroy viruses in the environment.
The experimental team then created droplets containing new coronary pneumonia, mainly to simulate the transmission mode of new coronary pneumonia in a public environment. The results showed that the infectious power of the new coronavirus dropped by 93% after only 30 seconds of UVC LED ultraviolet light. Even the high concentration of the virus also dropped by 88%, and the effect was remarkable.



Advantages and Limitations of UV LED Lamps

Although the disinfection performance of UV LED lamps is excellent, a small amount of viruses that have not been eliminated will still be infectious, which means that repeated exposure to ultraviolet light to avoid the shadow of still life affecting the disinfection effect is something that must be paid special attention to when sterilizing.
However, UVC LED lamps still have several advantages. UVC LED lamps can be installed in any type of lamps and lanterns, which is much easier than reinstalling a new air filter system. At the same time, it is safer than disinfectants. Using the wrong dose of disinfectants will directly cause human harm. The chemicals in disinfectants will eventually be discharged into water or landfills, causing secondary pollution to the environment.
Disinfection with UV LED lights provides a standardized germicidal dose every time compared to disinfectants whose chemicals and waste can end up in water streams and landfills if the wrong dose is used .
This experiment once again verified the sterilization advantages of UVC LED lamps, which can also be used in public spaces in the future. It is a more widely used and more environmentally friendly sterilization tool.