Policies and Guidelines

Oasistek projects itself as the “Oasis in deserts to bring infinite hopes and bright future for the world.” This corporate philosophy is also implemented in the company’s management policy and operation mode, starting from R&D design, production and manufacturing, and supplier management to customer service. Each stage takes into account the social responsibility and sustainable development. Furthermore, the company is also actively preparing the establishment of environmental safety management system, periodically monitoring industrial water, waste gas and other wastes, while contributing an individual effort in energy saving and reduction in carbon emission for the Earth.


Green Promises

Oasistek is both a leading LED supplier and also a member of the Earth. Therefore fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the consistent attitude and goal which we hold. We adhere to the philosophy of Taking from the society, contributes to the community, Consequently, while pursuing growth and development, Oasistek also implements the concept of environmental production in energy saving and reduction in carbon emission. Not only does Oasistek comply with requirement from regulations and rules during the production and manufacturing process, but it also reduces unnecessary spending, uses resources effectively, and puts efforts in the R&D for optoelectronic energy-saving and recycled products.


Social References

Oasistek spares no efforts in research and development and personnel training. Employees are encouraged to develop multiple interests and participate in public welfare activities, in order to foster the concept of “Honesty and Integrity” and “Feedback to Society.” Apart from allowing the public and students understand the mission and culture at Oasistek through company visits and internships, Oasistek also actively seeks for cooperation with social welfare groups who hold a corporate philosophy similar to ours, as well as participating in social care activities, with an attempt to love people around us, love our home, and love our world through corporate influence.