《NEWS》South Korea's KIMM develops stretchable and distortion-free Micro LEDs with metamaterials

24 Mar / 2022

With the maturity of Micro LED and Mimi LED technologies and the simultaneous development of related extension technologies, South Korea is still a strong opponent in the field of LED display technology. The Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM) in South Korea has successfully developed the world's first distortion-free and stretchable Micro LED display technology. The display unit can maintain the image without distortion within 25% of the stretch, subverting the elasticity of the material. , the width shrinks when stretching, and the middle image is squashed and distorted.

The KIMM research team applied an artificial composite metamaterial to a 3-inch Micro LED display. This metamaterial has unique mechanical properties, which are calculated by Poisson's ratio. Poisson's ratio refers to the ratio of width shrinkage when a material is stretched longitudinally, and when a mechanical metamaterial with a Poisson's ratio of -1 is stretched longitudinally, it exhibits the effect of stretching transversely at the same ratio.

The KIMM research team applied the mechanical metamaterial with negative Poisson's ratio effect to the circuit board of the Micro LED display, which can make the image of the display not deformed and distorted (as shown in the figure). This related technology can be applied to medical and wearable devices. In the future The prospects are promising.

Article excerpted from: LEDINSIDE

Image from: Advanced Functional Materials