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Brand History

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Oasistek is the new Corporate Identity System of Taiwan Oasis Technology Co., Ltd, which symbolizes the innovation and evolution from Oasis. In addition to preserving the original Brand concept, Oasis, the identify connects with the past Oasis philosophy, while currently adding a modern term, tek, to highlight the efforts put in by Taiwan Oasis Technology in the future industry. Oasistek further emphasizes on the new corporate brand claim in “Oasistek projects itself as the oasis in deserts which brings the world with infinite hopes and bright future.

Brand Positioning and Advocates
We adhere to a corporate value of quality first and integrity priority, combining with advantages in the upstream, midstream, and downstream vertical integration, to stably provide customers with integral and highly efficient services.

We hold a pleasant, confident and self-disciplined work attitude, committed in creating a perfect green optoelectronic product which will enable people to “see the world” via new routes and fresh perspectives.

We make ourselves as the role model for following the idea in energy saving and reduction in carbon emission, as well as fulfilling the obligations of a World Citizen, while the company grows in robustness and creating environmentally safe products.

As we stand on this land and introduce a clean technology, Oasistek projects itself to be the Oasis in deserts which brings infinite hopes and a bright future.

Brand Vision and Prospects
Oasistek intends to create a future based on a sincere promise from inside out, which is neither superficial nor merely becoming a slogan. Oasistek is based on humanity, upholding integrity as the foundation for interpersonal relationship and business establishment. We firmly believe in the philosophy that “Sincerity is the Laws of Nature; Humans follow the Laws to pursue sincerity.” Oasistek builds up its vision starting from the internal organization and extends to the social responsibilities.

Oasis Spirit = Quality + Smile + Trust + Love
Oasistek sets footing in Taiwan and visions the world to create a better future. Based on the spirit of integrity, innovation in focus footing and efficient management, we intend to create a stage for Taiwan’s LED industry, bringing the international perspectives to focus on people in Taiwan. Our corporate brand does not apply to products only also the spirit and philosophy of Oasistek. Oasistek presents its past, current and bright future through the method closest to reality.