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International Energy Agency data indicates that man made light uses 2651 megawatts of power each hour (19% of the total global output), costing US$365 billion (1.2% of the global GDP), creating 1.9 billion tons of CO2 emissions - equal to 70% of the worlds light vehicle emissions - and using a significant amount of the earth’s resources. In recent years energy conserving, carbon reducing LEDs have gradually been replacing traditional lights, and with governmental support, the LED industry has a bright future.


CSP LED Package

  1. Latest 7 Segment Display LED with CSP technology. Do not require wire bonding process, for better quality, stability and high reliability, even under high current driving.
  2. Patented phosphor-coating technology, for better color consistency, and more choices in led color like PC Amber, Purple, Sky Blue...etc.
  3. Suitable for small, compact and tiny size Display LED products.

What is LED?
Light emitting diodes are made of solid state compound semiconductor materials, and rely on the interaction of charge carriers (electrons and electron holes) to turn extremely small currents into light. Different semiconductor materials have different band gap energies and consequently produce light of different colors and wavelengths in both the visible and invisible parts of the spectrum.

LED Features
LED are small in volume, energy efficient, highly responsive, long lasting, light weight, and environmentally friendly. Traditional lighting by comparison consumes large amounts of energy and is short lived, and many countries are to begin phasing out incandescent bulbs in 2012. This will help increase the penetration rates and replacement rates of LED products, which have always been favored as a next generation lighting solution.