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Taiwan Oasistek was established in 1974. By holding simplicity, honesty, reliability, and certainty as innovative enterprise spirit, we have continuously endeavored to LED packaging and printed circuit board production processes and accumulated 40-year experiences in continuous researches and innovations developing toward the trend of light and compact electronic products. Taiwan Oasistek Electronic PCB Plant, experiencing in the innovations and continuous improvements of production processes and technologies, devotes to provide heavy copper board, networking communication board, high level board (6~24 layers), aluminum substrate for radiation, boards for automobile, industrial computer, and PC & Peripheral, broadly applied to various industrial requirements, such as network communication, power supply, automatic control, industrial computer, medical, automobile, and so on. We provide various products with high quality and high reliability compliant with IPC Class II and III. In addition, SMT has been broadly adopted in our company, especially for the assembly of electronic product related to power supply and network communication. The advantages of electronic product assembly in compact, highly reliable, high density, low cost, and automatized production are realized. Continuously innovate and develop to breakthrough new technologies of production processes.

Quality Policy: Quality First and Customer First. There is No Best, only Better and Better.

We believe only continuous provisions of excellent products and services to customers can keep increasing the profits and market share of the company. One of the best strategies is to implement full quality improvement policy, through which we can make the belief, "Quality First and Customer First", become a part of employees' ordinary life and work, and by which we can further improve the quality of product and service so as to achieve the goal of quality first and customer first. We hereby announce we fully support and participate this full quality improvement activity with all employees of the company obligated to achieve the goal, "Quality First and Customer First. There is no best, only better and better."

Environmental Safety Policy: Care environment, respect life, prevent pollution, and save energy & reduce carbon.

Dongguan Oasistek PCB Plant is a multiple-layer-print-circuit-board professional manufacturer. Materials such as copper foil substrate, copper coil, plastic film, copper ball, dry film, green paint, and various chemicals are used in production processes, and the pollutants are produced in production processes, such as waste water containing acid or alkali, waste liquid, waste gas, waste slurry, dust, and waste circuit board scrap. To fulfill social responsibility and commitment, as well as the goal of sustainable operation, the company and all employees hold the environmental safety ideas, "Care environment, respect life, prevent pollution, and save energy & reduce carbon", to devote to the promotion of environment, safety, and healty management system.

Based on this, we commit to:

1. Follow environment, safety, and health regulation by government and comply with the standards set up by the company.

2. Provide environment, safety, and health education to employees to prevent the occurrence of disaster through the consensus of all employees and improve self management ability.

3. Promote environment, safety, and health management system to provide safe and healthy environment and continuously improve management performance.

4. Pay attentions to the control of pollution source and the reduction of waste in production processes, improve safe and healthy facilities, and save energy to protect earth to achieve the goal of pollution prevention and risk reduction.

5. For suppliers, subcontractors, people around, and employees, good communicative channels will be established, so that relevant groups can understand the environment safety policies and relevant practices, as well as environmental protections and safety methods, so as to work together to improve environment and prevent the occurrence of occupational disaster.

Quality Management System
Certification UL The full range of our PCB products are all UL certified.
ISO 9000 Quality Management System certified by UL.
ISO 9001/TL 9000 Quality Management System certified.
TL 9000/ISO 9001 Quality Management System certified.
IECQ QC 080000 IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Component certified.
ISO/TS 16949 Automobile Industry Quality Management System certified by SGS for compliance.
Environment Management System
ISO 14001 Environment Management System certified for operating green industry and preventing pollution to guard the earth.
Occupational Safety and Health Management System
OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services certified for preventing disasters and following regulations for continuous improvement.
厚銅板(Heavy Copper PCB)

Heavy Copper PCB


  • Excellent heat dissipation performance

  • High reliability (high temperature, high pressure, high humidity resistant)

  • Bottom copper thickness at inner and outer layers is more than 3OZ

  • Excellent conductivity and high reliability of inner copper finger. The thickness of inner solid copper can achieve 18OZ

Product Application

  • Mobile on board element, power supply, charging device, electric vehicle power supply


Networking/Communication Board

Products are applied to communication, computer, consumable, and other related industries.

Communication Products: communication base station, router, switch module, WLAN module, WiFi module.


Board for automobile

Other applicable range: automobile, electric appliance, medical instrument, aerospace, and so on

(1) boards for electric appliance product

 set top box (STB)

 video on demand system

(2) 3C product

(3) automobile board, computer PC & Peripheral

(4) accurate medical, industrial E&M equipment


Aluminum substrate

Products required by high element density, high power IC element, and high power LED

Audio equipment: input and output amplifier, balance amplifier, audio amplifier, preamplifier, power amplifier, and so on

Power supply: switch adjuster, DC/DC chopper, SW adjuster, and so on

Automobile: electronic adjuster, igniter, power supply controller, and so on

Computer: CPU, power supply, memory, heat sink, and so on


Computer and PC & Peripheral boards

Computer Product: server, storage equipment, laptop, desktop, industrial computer, and so on

Consumable product: LED light, LCD television, game console, fax machine, copy machine, and so on

Memory module PCB

Memory module PCB

N/B Flash memory(Mobile)


Wireless, PDP

Desk Top Wireless, Bluetooth

(Nintendo Wii)

Flash memory







Fully equipped Laboratory

Item Standard Product Technology Level Middle and High Level Product
Number of Layer 2-12 layers 8-18 layers
Maximum board thickness 78 mil (2.00mm) 128 mil (3.2mm)
Minimum board thickness (four-layer board) 24 mil (0.6mm) 16 mil (0.4mm)
Minimum board thickness (double-face board) 4 mil (0.1mm) 4 mil (0.1mm)
Minimum inner layer board thickness 4mil(0.10mm) 3mil(0.08mm)
Maximum working dimension 18"X24" (457.2X609.6mm) 21" X 24" (533.4X609.6mm)
Minimum PP thickness 2.5mil(0.064mm) 2.0mil (0.051mm)
Copper layer    
Maximum inner layer copper thickness 1.0 oz 3.0 oz
Minimum inner layer copper thickness 0.5 oz 0.3 oz
Maximum outer layer copper thickness 1.0 oz 3.0 oz
Minimum outer layer copper thickness 0.3 oz NR
Route Wiring Overlap Structure    
Product overlapping configuration Normal Hard Circuit Board Blind/Embedded hole and laminated Layer Configuration
Minimum boring hole diameter 10-12 mil (0.2mm) 8mil(0.20mm)
Minimum laser hole diameter 6mil(0.15mm) 4mil(0.1mm)
Maximum 15.0/1.0 15.0/1.0
Wiring Configuration    
outer layer wiring route width / interval 3/3 mil 3/3 mil
inner layer wiring route width / interval 3/3 mil 3/3 mil
Minimum SMT Solder Pad Interval 16 mil (0.40 mm) 12 mil (0.31 mm)
Minimum BGA Solder Pad Interval 40 mil (1.0 mm) 30 mil (0.75 mm)
Solder and Surface Treatment    
Minimum Solder Print Width 4 mil (0.102 mm) 3 mil (0.075 mm)
Solder Alignment Error Control ± 3 mil ± 2 mil
Surface Treatment Entek, ENIG, HASL, Gold Plating,OSP OSP/Immersion Silver ENIG/ENIG+OSP Hard Gold Plating

Immersion Silver, Tin, ENIG+Immersion Silver, Entek+Gold Plating, ENIG+Immersion Silver ENIG/ENIG+OSP

Resistance Control ± 10% ± 7%
Alignment Error Control between Layers ± 6 mil (0.125mm) ± 4 mil (0.100mm)
Board Bend and Curve-up Control 0.7% 0.5%
Board Thickness Error Control ± 10% ± 5%