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SMD LED Display

  • Various color
  • IC compatible
  • Excellent color uniformity
  • Low current operation available
  • Design flexibility
  • Medical and industrial equipments
  • Cashier machine & billboard
  • Consumer and gaming electronics application
  • Home appliance display application
  • Customization product

Introduction LED Display

  We are a collection of design led display, development, production, sales and wholesale services as one of the high-tech Company. We are years professional LED digital display manufacturers in Taiwan. Our LED digital displays are with perfect performance and are sold to American, Brazil, Germany, Sweden and so on.

Application LED Display

  The main products: Led Display, LED Dot Matrix, 7 segment display, LED digital display, LED SMD display and Light bar.LED digital displays are used in home appliances, financial information displays, medical instruments, industrial equipment and other application fields. A wide range of designs and customization services are also available.

Oasistek technology is equipped with the "digital tube / ultra high brightness LED digital display", that perfectly presents a new generation of one piece forming "black surface panel / mirror panel" technology. In recent days, Oasistek has specially designed the "ultra high brightness LED digital light display" series which solves the severe degradation of the "black surface panel / mirror panel" brightness and low effectiveness in the white light from the displays available in the market. Particularly, the design "ultra high brightness LED digital display" as a solution, enhanced brightness by more than 50% compared to the market, and comes equipped with "black surface panel / mirror panel" specially designed to greatly increase the brightness of the black panel comparing with the past, in order to offer better brightness and reliability. It can be used in products from different areas to provide diversified and customized services that meet the needs of various sizes of electronic appliances and medical displays usage.

Product applications: smart appliances, smart and energy-efficient refrigerator, smoke extractor application, medical equipment application, customized product design service.

Type Part Number Digit/Dot
Drive Mode λd (nm) Iv(ucd), If=10mA
Single Digit Part Number Formation-SMD Disp led display-Part Number Formation-SMD Disp
Single Digit TOS-F2181AMB-B led display-TOS-F2181AMB-B 0.28' C.C/C.A 465
Single Digit TOS-F2181BMA-N led display-TOS-F2181BMA-N 0.28'' C.C/C.A 605
Single Digit TOS-F2681BMRL-B led display-TOS-F2681BMRL-B 0.28'' C.C/C.A 640 15524
Single Digit TOS-F3102AMRL-B led display-TOS-F3102AMRL-B 0.30'' C.C/C.A 640 21937
Single Digit TOS-F3102BMA-N led display-TOS-F3102BMA-N 0.30'' C.C/C.A 605 15524
Single Digit TOS-F3102BME-N led display-TOS-F3102BME-N 0.30' C.C/C.A 623 12937
Single Digit TOS-F3104AMRL-B led display-TOS-F3104AMRL-B 0.30'' C.C/C.A 640 21937
Single Digit TOS-F3104BME-N led display-TOS-F3104BME-N 0.30'' C.C/C.A 623 15524
Single Digit TOS-F3104BMG-B led display-TOS-F3104BMG-B 0.3'' C.C/C.A 15
Single Digit TOS-F5101BMR-N-1 led display-TOS-F5101BMR-N-1 0.50' C.C/C.A 630
Single Digit TOS-F5167AA-B led display-TOS-F5167AA-B 0.56'' C.C/C.A 605 3000
Single Digit TOS-F5167BMB-B led display-TOS-F5167BMB-B 0.56' C.C/C.A 465 32907
Single Digit TOS-F5167BMG-B led display-TOS-F5167BMG-B 0.56'' C.C/C.A 572 32907
Single Digit TOS-F5167BMG-N led display-TOS-F5167BMG-N 0.56'' C.C/C.A 572 15524
Single Digit TOS-F5167BMRL-B led display-TOS-F5167BMRL-B 0.56'' C.C/C.A 640 21937
Single Digit TOS-F5167DMB-N led display-TOS-F5167DMB-N 0.56'' C.C/C.A 465 32907
Single Digit TOS-F5167DMB-N led display-TOS-F5167DMB-N 0.56' C.C/C.A 465
Dual Digit TOD-F2281AMR-N-1 led display-TOD-F2281AMR-N-1 0.28' C.C/C.A 630
Dual Digit TOD-F2281BMB-N-1 led display-TOD-F2281BMB-N-1 0.28' C.C/C.A 465
Dual Digit TOD-F3261BMB-N-1 led display-TOD-F3261BMB-N-1 0.36' C.C/C.A 465
Dual Digit TOD-F3293AMR-N led display-TOD-F3293AMR-N 0.39' C.C/C.A 630
Dual Digit TOD-F3293BMR-N-1 led display-TOD-F3293BMR-N-1 0.39' C.C/C.A 630
Dual Digit TOD-F3296AMRL-N-1 led display-TOD-F3296AMRL-N-1 0.39' C.C/C.A 640
Dual Digit TOD-F4201AMG-B led display-TOD-F4201AMG-B 0.40' C.C/C.A 572 15524
Dual Digit TOD-F5263BMR-B led display-TOD-F5263BMR-B 0.56' C.C/C.A 630
Six Digit TOS-F2681AMR/BMR led display-TOS-F2681AMR/BMR 0.28 C.C/C.A 630
Triple Digit TOT-F2381AMR/BMR led display-TOT-F2381AMR/BMR 0.28 C.C/C.A 630
Triple Digit TOT-F5331-NE-C led display-TOT-F5331-NE-C 0.53' C.C/C.A
Four Digit TOF-F5451BG-B led display-TOF-F5451BG-B 0.55' C.C/C.A 572
Four Digit TOF-F5451BMG-B-1 led display-TOF-F5451BMG-B-1 0.55" C.C/C.A 572
Four Digit TOF-F5451BMRL-B-1 led display-TOF-F5451BMRL-B-1 0.55" C.C/C.A 640 15524