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LED Cabinet Light

  • Adopting CREE or LED chip with high luminous efficacy of the same level, this product has obtained white/blue light patent and passed LM80 certification.
  • The product is made of die-cast aluminum material with high cooling efficiency, thus it boasts excellent cooling performance and low lumen depreciation.
  • With an expanded voltage specification, it is suitable for global application. With a stable quality, it has passed CE/ROHS certifications.
  • The light source possesses high color rendering performance (CRI>80), and does not hurt the eyes with its even non-flashing light output.
  • Energy-saving design that saves more than 80% of energy compared with traditional halogen track lighting.
  • Lightweight design for easy installation.
  • Accent lighting for showcases and cabinets at an installation height of less than 3M

Photo Product Type Power
Recessed LED Cabinet Light Asteroid_R010_2.5W_3000 2.5W 300lm >80 3000±100K
Recessed LED Cabinet Light Asteroid_RT010_2.5W_3000K 2.5W 300lm >80 3000±100K
Recessed LED Cabinet Light Asteroid_S010_2.5W_3000K 2.5W 300lm >80 3000±100K
Recessed LED Cabinet Light Asteroid_ST010_2.5W_3000K 2.5W 300lm >80 3000±100K