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LED Downlight

  • Ensure the overall uniformity and perfect status of building decoration with soft and even visual effects and no glare. Its power consumption is only 1/4 of ordinary energy-saving lamps of the same brightness. Besides, as an environmental-friendly lighting fixture, it does not contain any harmful substances such as mercury.
  • 1. Adopting CREE or LED chip with high luminous efficacy of the same level, this product has obtained white/blue light patent and passed LM80 certification.
  • 2. The product is made of die-cast aluminum material with high cooling efficiency, thus it boasts excellent cooling performance and low lumen depreciation.
  • 3. With an expanded voltage specification, it is suitable for global application. With a stable quality, it has passed CE/ROHS certifications.
  • The light source possesses high color rendering performance (CRI>80), and does not hurt the eyes with its even non-flashing light output.
  • Architectural lighting, hospital lighting, corridor lighting and accent lighting.

Photo Product Type Power
Surface-mounted LED Downlight Galaxy_R016B_35W_3000K 35W 2500lm >80 3000±100K
Surface-mounted LED Downlight Galaxy_R022_8W_3000K 8W 650lm >80 3000±100K
Surface-mounted LED Downlight Galaxy_S012_8W_3000K 8W 650lm >80 3000±100K