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2 【LED News】New Taipei City subsidizes LED lights to help you save energy!! 2018-06-08

New Taipei City subsidizes LED lights to help you save energy!!

With the rapid global warming caused by human activities, the temperature has soared to 33 degrees in less than this year in May this year. In addition, the problem of empty pollution, nuclear waste, and energy transformation has continued to ferment, especially after the abolition of nuclear quad, Taiwan is in a green energy revolution. At the crossroads, everyone needs to work hard to save energy.

The Central Government of Taiwan is also stepping up its efforts to promote energy transformation in this wave. In addition to the large-scale offshore wind power generation in Changhua, the energy saving and energy conservation in the city is even more urgent and important. The New Taipei City Government has also cooperated with the central government to promote service lighting and air-conditioning equipment replacement subsidies. It is expected to replace a large number of 15,000 conventional apartment stairwell bulbs. Instead, it will replace the energy-saving LED bulbs. The LED bulbs are cold light sources and emit light. At the same time, unlike traditional light bulbs, they will not generate too much heat energy, and they will not only save energy, but also reduce the heat island effect (if the number is enough, it will only make sense).

At present, the New Taipei City will give priority to the upgrading of the Banqiao, Yonghe, Xinzhuang and Luzhou 4 districts. This will be because the average electricity consumption per household is relatively high and may be related to the heat island effect. It is estimated that 15,000 bulbs will be replaced, and the contractor will replace it. If the resident writes a power of attorney to send a request to the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau or the Lishui, it can be replaced between June and July. Households do not need to pay.

The New Taipei City Economic Development Bureau also rushed to implement a new energy policy before the coming season, including promoting 1% energy conservation for large consumers, subsidizing replacement of LED lighting at parking plants, replacing LED lighting fixtures in apartment buildings, creating cool roofs, and so on. Zhang Fengyuan said at a press conference today that he uses subsidies to create 23 "intelligent energy-saving strikes" projects, measures to save energy with innovative residential businesses, and introduces the resources and power of green energy companies to not only save energy but also create green business opportunities.

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