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Production Environment & Experimental Equipment

Oasistek uses the latest automated production and testing equipment to manufacture and package LED products in dust free clean rooms, as well as testing equipment covering performance, lifespan, viewing angle, light pattern, static electricity, and light attenuation. In addition to increasing precision and production efficiency, this equipment also helps to ensure color and luminance consistency.

Lamp Testing Machine ESD Static Electricity Simulator LED viewing angle spectrophotometer Glass Transition Temperature
The reliability testing center also uses simulated environments to test products’ resistance to high temperatures, low temperatures, high temperature plus high humidity, hot/cold shock, mechanical stress, and vibration, to ensure long life and high reliability.
reliability testing
Shear Test
includes chip push testing, metal wire pull testing, and weld spot push testing to ensure high quality wafer bonding, and prevent wire cracking and poor weld strength.
Reflow Test
simulates customers' reflow soldering, and uses intense high temperature lead free process to ensure quality and heat resistance.
Temp. Cycling & Thermal Shock Test
Different materials used in products have different heat expansion coefficients; therefore temperature cycling and dramatic temperature changes are used to test LED products’ reliability, and accelerated life testing (ALT) is used to estimate product lifespan and potential problems.
High Temp. & Humidity Test
Under high temperature high humidity conditions LEDs can suffer light attenuation or damage. Oasistek does rigorous testing to ensure that LEDs continue performing even under extreme conditions.
Burn-in Test
Oasistek used burn-in and ageing testing to eliminate problems early on and ensure that products have high quality and reliability. Oasistek can also custom build burn-in test platforms and conduct testing according to customer’s specific needs.