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Massage from the Chairman

As a leading global LED manufacturer, OasisTek is continually investing in product and technology innovation. In addition to our plastics industry patents in interchangeable composite plastic injection molding and optical disc packaging, after expanding into electronics OasisTek began an aggressive LED R&D program, which has resulted in patents for a dual layer resin infuser and automatic debris extracting mold. OasisTek has also developed strong relationships with suppliers and customers based on cooperation and technology exchange, which have helped to mutually strengthen competitiveness. In addition, OasisTek has established relationships with academic optoelectronics research organizations, and will continue pursuing innovation to lower prices, increase quality, and increase efficiency to meet customer demands.

Over the next few years OasisTek will be focusing on the high value added back light, automotive, and lighting applications markets, as well as marketing light strips under the brand name Lumichain. OasisTek seeks to expand traditional lighting to encompass urban art and optical aesthetics, guided by the principles of Urban Beautification and Energy Conservation. Of course, we will still provide customized design services. If you have any special needs or ideas, we will be happy to discuss them with you and help provide the very best solution and service to help increase your competitiveness. Please contact our customer service representatives with any design needs.