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Oasistek BEST LED Manufacturer and Supplier

Massage from the Chairman

Oasistek has over 30 years of history in LED related business since its foundation in 1974, accumulating expertise experience and technology in manufacturing. Staffs in Oasistek uphold a consistency in core values including quality requirement, integrity, continuous innovation, and social responsibilities. The company is committed in Green Optoelectronic Products, allowing people to see the world via new routes and with fresh perspectives.

Following a rise in environmental awareness, green products have become a global focus of attention. Among which, LED (Lighting Emitting Diode) possess features including compact size, low power consumption, faster reaction rate, anti-shock, and non-pollutant, which have presented a huge growth in recent years. The main application for LED is used in electronic product backlight, medium- and large-size panel backlight, vehicle lights, traffic sign lights, commercial signs, or architectural lighting…etc. Consequently, LED will eventually replace the market of traditional incandescent light and florescent lights.

Oasistek owns a forward-looking technology and R&D team, and advanced manufacturing techniques, while its customer and strategic partners are distributed worldwide. In addition to plastic molding and injection, and PCB manufacturing, Oasistek also produces LED Lamp, SMD LED, LED Display, and LED related components. Taking advantages in the upstream/downstream vertical integration of the industry train and customization, Oasistek commit itself to provide customers with integral and highly efficient services, while establishing a good reputation in the industry.

In the pursuit of business growth and progress, Oasistek also takes good care of its employees. The company follows the philosophy of “Putting the right person on the right position,” and also builds up a detailed career development and education and training plans. Employees at Oasistek uphold a pleasant, confident and self-disciplined work attitude to grow with Oasistek in the most comfortable environment.

In the past 35 years, Oasistek built up a kingdom of Optoelectronic Products with integrity and quality.

In the next many years, Oasistek projects to bring infinite hopes and a bright future just like what our slogan states: “Bright Ideas, Bright Solutions.

Chairman Ming-Shun Lee