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1 【LED NEWS】Urbanization effect - urban farm gradually formed 2018-01-31

Urbanization effect - urban farm gradually formed

According to the UN World Population Prospects Report, the world population will reach 9.6 billion or more in 2050, of which India will overtake China to become the most populous country. It is estimated that over 66% of the population will live in urban areas and a large number of people will migrate from rural areas To cities will also create more super cities with more than 10 million people. This phenomenon, in turn, places the most intense and dense urban population in the Asia-Pacific region and will exert tremendous pressure on the urban grain supply.

In the midst of the trend of urbanization, in order to reduce the food supply to the urban population, Plantagon, a Swedish food technology company, announced the design of an office building called "Botanic Mansion" and plans to build the first joint in Sweden Office buildings and farm compound office farm, and the initial construction in 2012 is expected to be completed by 2020 and put into agricultural production.

The "Botanic Building" is expected to be built into a 16-storey glass curtain office building with farmland on each side and office space on one side. The plant producing area will account for 2/3 of the total floor area and will be hydroponics , With the supplement of nutrient solution in the water and the intelligent control of LED light, it is hoped that the output of vegetables and fruits will be gradually increased to the maximum. If it is estimated that the output of 550 tons of grain will be enough to supply 5,500 urban villages One year, effectively reduce urban food pressure.

The Plant House will also be an eco-friendly building that will produce more crops with less soil and water than an equally sized outdoor farm. His budget building saves 1,100 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and 13 million gallons of water each year. There are also areas for public dining on the ground floor of the building and supermarkets selling directly produced produce. The place of origin is a market model that not only reduces the carbon emissions from agricultural transportation And the cost, but also can depress the price, so that the price of urban farm food can be more close to the people.

In addition to the factors of population pressure, the development of LED lighting system, testing and application of artificial intelligence of AI, upgrading of agricultural technologies, and investment in various technologies have made the construction of "Plant Building" possible. At present, apart from Sweden, the team of the company also talks with the United States, Singapore, China's Shanghai and Hong Kong on the "Plant Building" project, and one day it may be possible for the city to become self-sufficient.

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