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1 【Announcement】Good bye coffee, Use Blue light glasses wake you up !! 2017-06-02

Why is Blue light LED ?

The LED lighting are extensive use in many place, It is because the LED is more energy saving than the tradition lighting. Under the wave of environmental protection, various countries focus on the LED industry and popularize LED lighting in every public utilities. But follow the LED lighting spread, there are some people attention the health damage come from Blue light of LED. Some research mention that Blue light not only heart your eyes but also can effect your sleeping. It is because the Blue light  reduce melatonin make from your brain.


How about try Blue light LED glassses !?

When we afraid the Blue light effected, but some people think it might be a good opportunity. They start to design a new glass for the driver who want to take a nap in driving. They use the characteristic of Blue light to reduce melatonin and also stimulate driver. In the theory it sounds reasonable, but it still through human trials that can prove it is work.


So if you want a Blue light glasses to replace coffee!? You might have wait for a while, premise you have to abstain the coffee habit first.


( Reference from LEDs magazine )

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